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Conventional Technique

Pilonidal Sinus is the creation of a tract in which the hair grows inwards and gets collected. This causes pus formation in the tract which creates an opening on the skin which looks like a boil. Pilonidal Sinus is mostly found near the tail bone just above the buttocks but in some patients it is also found in the armpits. In some cases the infection and the pus can be dried by keeping the site clean and by the administration of oral antibiotics. However if the infection is recurring after some time then surgery is needed to clear the tract of all the hair follicles and the destruction of the inner wall of the tract.

Conventionly Pilonidal Sinus Surgery is being done by Plastic Surgeons or General Surgeons as Flap Surgery. This type of surgery has a very long recovery period. The patient has to lie on stomach for 20-30 days after the surgery. The patient has to come to the hospital for dressing for several days after the surgery. This type of surgery means lots of time loss, money loss and discomfort to the patient. These days when the heart surgery also doesn't require more than 3 days of bed rest, putting the patient on bed rest for 15-20 days in Pilonidal Sinus surgery is simply unacceptable.

Vatsyayann Technique Video

My ?nh b?cDr Suresh Vatsyayann has developed a minimal invasive technique for treatment of Pilonidal Sinus which is unmatched in its simplicity and the excellent results. The surgical technique named after Dr. Suresh is so simple that the patient walks into the OT and walks out in less than 30 minutes without any help. The patient is discharged from the hospital within few hours and can straight away do any kind of work like driving, swimming, cycling or play any kind of sports. The subsequent dressing is so simple that it can be done by any family member at home and the wound completely heals in 4 days. For best results in the management of Pilonidal Sinus one should not decide unless they have met Dr. Suresh Vatsyayann.

My ?nh b?cThe long recovery period in the flap surgery made it quite scary for the patients and they are always in search for a better technique. The technique developed by Dr Suresh is called `Wet to Dry Technique for Pilonidal Sinus Surgery'. There are two small cuts made, one at the upper end and the other at the lower end where hair go in. Both ends are throughly cleaned and hair and the debris removed.

best doctor for pilonidal sinus surgery without incision, best doctor for pilonidal sinus treatment in manesar, best doctor for pilonidal sinus surgery using flap, best doctor for pilonidal sinus surgery by vatsyayann technique

Best Doctors and Cost

My ?nh b?cDr Sumita Singh is a general and laparoscopic surgeon with good experience of working at some of the busiest hospitals in India. In the last 30 years she has done several thousand surgeries. She is an expert doctor when it comes to operating upon cases for gall bladder stones, all types of hernia, appendix, piles, Pilonidal Sinus and abdominal trauma surgeries.

The cost of Pilonidal Sinus Surgery by the Vatsyayann Technique is Rs. 65000-85000 depending upon the number of sinus tracts with hospital stay of one day. Dr Sumita Singh does the pilonidal sinus surgery using the Vatsyayann technique as she has worked with Dr Suresh for several years. Dr Suresh is a citizen of New Zealand and has now returned to New Zealand after working in India for several years. Dr Sumita is also doing the Pilonidal Sinus Surgery using the Laser Technique. However the laser technique is not suited for all cases and the surgeon is the best person to decide which technique to use. In order to avoid the recurrence of pilonidal sinus, the patient has to undergo Laser hair removal of the area around 3 weeks after the pilonidal sinus surgery.

Why Us

My ?nh b?cA good hospital needs to have qualified doctors with good experience. Most of the hospitals in the vicinity offer services of doctors who either do not have proper qualifications or do not possess requisite experience. We do not claim to be a tertiary care hospital providing services across all the streams of medicine and surgery but whatever service you get at Yashlok Hospital are first class in terms of quality.

Technology at our Disposal

We are probably the only hospital which has an inhouse Ultrasound and Colour Doppler facility. The hospital has state of art Digital X-Ray, ECG, Pathology Lab, Dental Centre, Physiotherapy Centre and Inhouse Pharmacy. The operating room at the hospital has the deployment of cutting edge technology which gives us the confidence of doing the most complex of the surgeries with relative ease.

Serving with Compassion

My ?nh b?cHealthcare is a very different stream from any other service industry. People come to us only when they are in a problem which they are not able to understand. All our team members are thoroughly trained to provide the medical care with highest ethical standards and with compassion and empathy. The entire care programme is designed keeping the centricity of the patient in mind.


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